Are you tired of sitting through 8 hours of Uncle Bob’s footage of your wedding day?  If so, consider Personal Touch Productions’ professional team of editors to turn your tapes into an exciting video or DVD presentation.

Your footage will be viewed, logged and scripted into a movie that you will want to watch over and over again.  As part of the editing process, we can brighten, color correct and enhance old, badly shot video.

Working closely with you or on our own, we can add music, titles, dramatic effects and filters to create the unique presentation your desire.

From single camera tripod video coverage to multi-angle creatively edited DVD presentations, Personal Touch Productions can provide video solutions for any size event or budget.

Over the past 10 years, our team of professionals have covered graduations, theatre, ballet, jazz dance, birthdays, retirement parties and many other special events.

If it’s worth remembering then it is worth having the very best in professional video production.  Trust Personal Touch Productions to capture your next event for video or DVD.

Are you looking for a unique gift or heartwarming tribute for a special person?  Consider a creative full screen or DVD presentation featuring your own sentimental photos.

Each video photo album can be customized with dramatic dissolves, titled tributes and your choice of music.

This touching keepsake will preserve your most cherished photographs on video and DVD.

Perfect for graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, reunions and retirement.  For over 10 years we have created the gift of memories that last a lifetime.

Contact Personal Touch Productions to create your own uniquely dramatic video photo album.

Did you know that VHS tapes are losing quality just by lying on a shelf?  Each time you play a VHS tape, the VCR heads rub against the surface of the tape slowly erasing its content.  The tape heats, streatches and wears down with each use.  Consider those factors and the fact that in 20 years nobody will be using traditional VCRs as we know them today, and you are beginning to see the advantage of DVD’s.


  • high quality movies on your computer AND television
  • better than CD quality sound
  • interactivity
  • a DVD is compact and portable
  • the picture quality does no degrade with playback or storage
  • easy menus to jump quickly to a segment
  • no rewinding or fast forwarding
  • digital technology standard of the 21st century
  • long life (properly handled discs can last 100 years)


  • low quality picture and tape
  • picture quality degrades with every viewing
  • degrades quickly on the shelf (5-10 years)
  • inflexible delivery
  • propensity for damage by heat
  • VCRs have an innate ability to eat tapes

Don’t let your priceless memories get damaged in your old VCR, or wear out and degrade with age and use.

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