Your website is your business card and we specialise in the integration of professionally constructed video that can easily be inserted into your corporate website.

Capture and display company testimonials, product reviews or even training videos and stream them on your website with ease.

Websites are now more than just simple one page information sheets where business provide their contact information and basic web to lead forms.  Websites now are dynamic resources to provide complete information to clients, customers, staff, and investors and video is one of the best ways of making sure your intended message is delivered properly.  Web videos allow you to convey your message in a way that grabs your audience and puts you at the forefront of their mind.

There is a huge trend toward the incorporation of video on websites for search engine optimization and enhanced listings for organic search results.

Set yourself apart from your competition and take advantage of professional web videos on your website.

From basic location tours and employee introduction videos to detailed safety and training videos, Personal Touch Productions utilizes an experienced team of professionals to help with your corporate needs.

Our complete range of delivery methods include video, CD ROM, DVD and the internet.

Personal Touch Productions provides complete start to finish video services to stream your presentations or event to the world via the internet.

Special events can be streamed LIVE as they happen or archived events can be edited and encoded to stream on-demand (when your viewers request them).

These videos can be viewed from your own website or, utilizing our partnership with dot5media, we can offer a completely customized web engine from which your videos can be streamed.

Follow the link below to view a live streaming nightclub engine that was developed for our client free-V Copr USE and there product to stream to the world.

Personal Touch Productions’ team of professional camera operators, switchers and editors will turn your next event into an exciting video/DVD presentation.

We can offer simple one camera coverage with no editing to complete multi-camera productions with extensive editing and post-production.

For concerts, conferences, and trade shows, we also offer live switching coverage with multiple cameras and large LCD projection displays to bring a “hollywood” feel to your event.

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