Music Video Production

Whether you’re a new band that needs a demo video or an established band looking for television airtime, Personal touch Productions has the knowledge and experience to produce a dynamic and entertaining video for you.

Specializing in low-budget, high quality productions, Personal Touch Productions has worked with local bands helping present their unique look and sound giivng them the exposure they need to gain credibility and distribution in this highly competitive industry.

As always, Personal Touch Productions’ services do not stop at simply creating your video, but may continue on through marketing and internet marketing to solicit your band to as many industry professionals as possible.

On Location Display Systems

LCD projectors, Plasma televisions, live cameras, and DVD video are just a few of the pieces that can be incorporated into your event’s display system.  For the past 10 years, Personal Touch Productions has worked hard to uniquely present a live show to a BIG crowd.

Not only with the crowd be able to see you from the back but they will become part of our show with our live switchers and on-location camera systems.

From fashion shows to concert events with 100 guests to 100,000 guests, Personal Touch Productions has the experience and knowledge to make your show “bigger than life”.

Live Event Coverage

From conferences and fashion shows to concerts and sporting events, Personal Touch Productions will bring your live event to the world.  Whether streamed live on the internet or edited and produced on DVD or vide, your event will be covered thoroughly and creatively.

Personal Touch Productions’ services do not stop at simply covering an event but can continue through the marketing and sales process.  Pre-selling tickets to a live online event or helping distribute DVD’s to retailers across the world are just a couple of areas that Personal Touch Productions is very famliar with.

If your live event is drawing a crowd, we want to help bring that event to an even LARGER audience.  Together, we can create a dynamic and entertaining presentation for the world to see.

Film and Television Production

Over the past 10 years, Personal Touch Productions has developed a team of creative professionals from the television and film industry that is second to none.

As a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute, Executive Producer, Darren Krywolt has the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to the BIG or small screen.

Whether you are starting with simply an idea or have a final screenplay or script ready to shoot, Personal Touch Productions offers you a full line of film and television production services including bot not limited to:

  • Story Development/scripting
  • Budgeting, casting, Location scouting, Directing
  • Film and DV CAM equipment/operators
  • Cinematography
  • Film and Development
  • Set Design and Construction
  • Special Effects
  • Lighting
  • Wardrobe
  • Sound recording, dubbing and scoring
  • Editing
  • Dailys and viewing locations
  • Publicity and marketing

Personal Touch Productions will share in your vision and bring together the key elements to make that vision a reality.

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